Exploring the Impact of
Purchasing 'One' High-Performing Investment Property
Within Your Super...


What Effect Would This Have On Your Financial Position During Retirement?

Exploring the Impact of Purchasing 'One' High-Performing Investment Property Within Your Super...


What Effect Would This Have On Your Financial Position During Retirement?



When analysing an investment property, you can gauge its financial performance by considering two essential metrics: capital growth, indicating the property's value appreciation over time, and rental yield, representing the income it produces. Capital growth measures the percentage increase in the property's value over time, essentially reflecting its price growth throughout the years.


Influencing Factors

In the world of long-term investing, where the strategy is to buy and hold, success often comes from steady growth, typically between 6-10%.

This growth is driven by the basic principles of supply and demand: people wanting to live in a specific area and the availability of homes.

To predict if a property will grow in value, it's crucial to look at factors like the location's unique features and changes in the population. Consider things like average income, the age of residents, the mix of homeowners and investors, and whether the area has a history of high property values, known as an "established capital benchmark."

Recent data shows that places we're studying have seen significant growth, thanks to their alignment with key indicators for lasting property value appreciation.

All these aspects play a role in determining price growth, and it's essential to note that they can differ not just from one suburb to another but even within the same neighbourhood.

When assessing a whole suburb's past performance, it's wise to avoid getting too caught up in short-term ups and downs, like quarterly growth rates, which can be heavily influenced by a few standout transactions.


Use the interactive tool to see how much your property could grow in value over time. This helpful tool gives investors a sneak peek into the potential increase in a property's worth, helping you make smarter investment choices.

Find out how adding just one investment property to your Superannuation can significantly improve your financial situation as you get closer to retirement.



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Average Capital Growth Per Year: $64,066.75

Capital Growth Over Life Of Investment: $1,281,335.00

Your Total Property Value At Retirement: $1,631,335.00